Breakfast Fundraiser Info
By Lieutenant Christopher Smith
October 8, 2017

The Breakfast Fundraiser was a successful event. 568 people were served a breakfast of sausage, eggs, pancakes, hash browns and biscuits & gravy. Thanks for everyone's support!

Winners from the Breakfast Raffle are as follows:
Bellevue State Bank $50--Dave Sieverding
Fidelity Bank $50-- Andy Miller
Till's Oil Change-- Bud Schroeder
Lampe True Value Fire Extinguisher-- Darrell Michels
Motor Oil/ Hat-- Mike Steines
Massey Ferguson Sweatshirt/ Hat-- Darrell Michels
Massey Ferguson Sweatshirt/ Hat-- Grace Ketelson
Grain Auger/ Hat-- Jenn Rowan
Veach Sweatshirt-- Vince Mohr
Veach T-Shirt/ Hat-- Sue Roben