Chili Supper 2019
By Lieutenant/ Training Officer Christopher Smith
December 2, 2019

Thanks to everyone who supported us during our annual Chili Supper Fundraiser! 497 people were served Chili, Hot Dogs, Bread, Pie, Ice Cream and Beverages. Prize winners are as follows: $50 Bill from Bellevue State Bank- Vivian Pitlo/ $50 bill from Fidelity Bank- John Hoff/ Fire Extinguisher & Roeder Bros. Sweatshirt- Grant Zeimet/ Veach Diesel Clothing- Dave Valant/ Simply Parkers- Barb Daugherty/ Simply Parkers- Tim Daugherty/ Barbie Fire Fighter- McKenzie Desotel/ Till's Oil Change- Ron Sieverding/ Cookies- Wyatt Gregorich